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Learn how i make Money weekly on this site called EarnAp.com

Learn how i make Money weekly on this site called EarnAp.com. With the 6 figure income i earn on EarnAp, i live life to the fullest. Join me and my friends to start earning Today.


How Does EarnAp Works? (EarnAp Registration and earning process)

EarnAp Revenue Program is a virtual product of EarnAp application software powered by Naija Earners program which concept is to solve the financial needs faced by majority by transforming lives and improving people’s standard of living through the use of the internet.

EarnAp is legally registered and approved under Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC RC NUMBER 2646726).


The EarnAp income program offers three(3) ways of making money in its program. These are:

E.R.P (EarnAp Revenue Pack) is a combination of two ways. Here you are paid for reading and commenting on posts, sharing of sponsored post on social media such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

ERP shares its generated revenue with you on monthly basis when you participate in activities.


E.A (EarnAp Affilliate) has to do with connecting or referring others(family, friends, anyone) to come join you make money on the program.

Under this, EarnAp pays you a 78.67% = N1,000 referral profit for anyone that you successfully refer to the program using your referral link. The sweet thing about this is that you can actually make 5k – 15k daily, doing this alone and get paid directly into you bank account every month.


ESP (EarnAp Social Profits) you make more money when you socialize and take active part in our chat platforms. EarnAp has different categories of chat platform that you can easily chat with others and get paid.

Why waste your time, data and money chatting on Social media without earning a dime. EarnAp pays you everyday when you stay on the platform to chat and earn doing so.

Apart from that, EarnAp rewards and award the most active member of the day, week and month.


How Can I Make Money On EarnAp?

As a member of EarnAp, you have many options to earn more money into your bank account everyday on the Program.

You get 1k for anyone who registers with your link and you can make 5k-20k daily on this.

Without Referral: you will be making 3k-5k weekly
Secondly, EarnAp pays you between 1k – 5k weekly when you attempt quiz questions correctly and you also stand a chance to get free airtime of your choice. Here, you learn and still make money. Isn’t that wonderful?


Does EarnAp Pay without Referal?

A BIG YES, there is no need to panic because they pay without referral from the money generated through monthly revenue

Does EarnAp pay Daily and Weekly? YES


How Much is Registrations Fee to Join EarnAp?

With a one-time registration fee of ₦2,000, you’re set to start making as much as ₦50,000 – ₦100k Monthly like me. Earning made easy!

Believe me guys you could be earning up to 20k weekly if you take action on this great earning platform. Here is the link to register https://www.earnap.com/how-to-make-money-online-in-nigeria…/


You can message me on Facebook and i will teach you how i do it.

Learn how i make Money weekly on this site called EarnAp.com.


For prospecting members outside Nigeria who wish to earn on EarnAp, they are all covered. For all west African countries, there are 6 Nigeria banks operating there.

Foreigners registering from any part of the world can do so through Wire Transfer/Western Union or eTransfer to our company’s account and it will be tracked and processed easily.


Register here to start earnap.com/register


If you have any doubts whatsoever, read earnap reviews by other blogs here

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  1. Jude Osazee Jude Osazee says:

    I’m on board now and it’s really very interesting. Good to know EarnAp is duly registered in Nigeria. Good luck

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    It’s good to know that earnap is back and better

  3. Avatar Michael Dona says:

    Nice to hear from earnap
    up earnap we rock real

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