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Killings: Hunger, insecurity loom in North/West – HRC

Killings: Hunger, insecurity loom in North/West – HRC. Human Right Commission (HRC) on Tuesday raised alarm that, hunger and further security threats loom in North Western states of Nigeria.

The commission said these would be caused by the inability of those displaced by killings and other unrest in the states to return to their ancestral homes and farms.

Coordinator of the commission in Kaduna, Gwar E. Terngu, stated this when he visited one of the IDP camps, in Kaduna where people displaced by the recent Kajuru killings were taking refuge, for on-the-spot assessment.

Terngu said, the country especially, North-West states may suffer food insecurity and hunger if government fails to relocate the IDPs back home in good time.

According to him, “All the efforts so far provided are from individuals’. There has not been serious intervention from the government according to them. The place is overcrowded for 2,511 people. What they actually need is rebuilding of their ruins.

“They are willing to go back to their homes. We may have issues around food security. More people will become poorer. More people may end up adding to security challenge in the country. The earlier they go back to their place the better for them.

“Raining season is here and these people are agrarians who survive in farming activities. Apart from their own economy setback, this is hunger looking at us in the face. The government should help them to go back to their homes.

“We don’t just want to act based on what we see in the newspapers. We want to be here to see things for ourselves. We will put our report together and send to the headquarters for possible intervention,” he said.


, Killings: Hunger, insecurity loom in North/West – HRCKillings: Hunger, insecurity loom in North/West – HRC

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4 responses to “Killings: Hunger, insecurity loom in North/West – HRC”

  1. Jude Osazee Jude Osazee says:

    Our government must be proactive if the country must move forward above the current state of insecurity, famine, joblessness and social vices.
    A stitch in time they say saves nine out of ten.

  2. Avatar Treasure Daniel says:

    God should really help the poor 😥😥😥😥😥

  3. Avatar Solomon Ugochukwu says:

    God knew how he can sustain his children

  4. Avatar Samson Gabriel says:

    God save the poor in this national Nigeria in Jesus name amen

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