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Importance Of Air To Man

Importance Of Air To Man. Man requires and depends on air (breath) to sustain life today. Scientists had identified this air (life sustaining gas) as oxygen. Oxygen is about 20% of the earth’s atmosphere and is necessary for life. No human being can survive without oxygen not even for ten minutes.
This air (oxygen) is formed and released during a process called photosynthesis in green plants. Photosynthesis is a process by which carbohydrates or sugars are manufactured in the green parts of plants containing chlorophyll by combination of carbon (iv) oxide and water with the aid of radiant energy of sunlight while oxygen is given out as a by-product.


Though there are various benefits of green plants to man such as food and medicine, purification of the atmosphere by absorbing carbon (iv) oxide (warm air) from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen (cool air) is of greatest benefit to man. This purification ensures the availability of enough oxygen to sustain life.
Logically it therefore implies that nature intends us to plant trees (green plants) in our environment to replenish the oxygen in the atmosphere to sustain life.
Ironically, man has altered this divine order by underemphasizing, underestimating and undermining the importance of plants (green) to life. This has resulted in indiscriminate felling of trees for various trivial purposes, burning bushes around our environments, destruction of trees for various constructional purposes and lackadaisical attitude towards tree planting. There are houses today without a single tree in the compound and surroundings.


Consequently, man has created an undesirable negative changes in climate and environments. It’s therefore no surprise that suffocation (asphyxia) is experienced in most houses in states like Lagos. Meningitis is another consequence ravaging some communities in the northern parts of Nigeria. Other consequences are desert encroachment, gully erosion on the soil and various health discomfort.
Having seen the importance of oxygen in sustaining life above the other benefits of plants to man, it is hoped that everyone will cultivate the habit of planting trees (green) in their houses and surroundings.
The government and individuals must contribute their quotas to achieve a comfortable, desirable, productive, healthy and purified environment for all in the nearest future.


Jude Osazee

6 responses to “Importance Of Air To Man”

  1. Jude Osazee Jude Osazee says:

    We need as many trees as we can plant if we actually desire to have a good, habitable and conducive environment to live in

  2. Jude Osazee Jude Osazee says:

    Planting of trees will help to curb most effects of climate change in our environment.

  3. Avatar Okezie Monday says:

    Seems great planting of trees and flower could help our environment and aid good health

  4. Avatar Onu Chisom Sarah says:

    Suffocation is one area we need to focus on and deal with

  5. Avatar Treasure Daniel says:

    I think we should stop deforestation in some part of Nigeria so That we can breathe in good air from green plants

  6. Avatar Ehiri Chinwe says:

    Man needs air to survive so we don’t die from suffocation

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