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How to make money online in Nigeria with EarnAp and get paid fast

How to make money online in nigeria reading news

Make Money Online in Nigeria with EARNAP


Welcome to EarnAp Revenue Program, the No.1 Legitimate, easiest and fastest online paying platform in Nigeria that pays its members for performing simple activities and promoting the program.


EarnAp income program is an online earning platform that pays its member for reading news, visiting the site daily, sharing it sponsored posts and referring others into the program. The name EarnAp is coined from the word “Earning App” which means an app that pays people for using its application.




As long as you can operate a phone and browse the internet, you can take part in EarnAp Revenue program. EarnAp offers equal earning opportunity for all, be you a student, part-time/full-time salary worker, unemployed or self-employed, job seeker, fresh Graduate, stay-at-home-moms and anyone who wishes to make money online.


If you are a student, EarnAp revenue program is a platform to exploit and make consistent 6 figure income because there are students like you in campus and hostels who are actually looking for what to do  to keep-up and you introducing the platform to them earns you serious money.


Nowadays, companies no longer have interest in hiring full time salary earners and they better prefer part timers, taking advantage of EarnAp revenue is the wisest decision as that opens you to multiple streams of income or 2nd income stream.


EarnAp valid and eligible members are those  active users that have successfully registered for EarnAp Revenue program to join the platform with a one-time registration fee of N2,000, Which is called EarnAp Revenue pack purchase.


In other to earn from EarnAp income program, one needs to register with just N2,000 to start enjoying the membership benefits from EarnAp Revenue Program.





1.  ESP : ESP stands for EarnAp Social Profits. As a registered member, EarnAp share their monthly revenue with you when you engage in EarnAp activities. ESP consists of Daily login + active daily post sharing + chatting + Daily and weekly Quiz + commenting and contributions + sharing sponsored post + posting contents and article writing. All this social activities when added together, gives  you a social earning profits.


2.  EA: EA stands for EarnAp Affiliate . As an affiliate or referer, you earn 50% per each referral that successfully completed his or her registration using your affiliate or referral link. You earn N1,000 for each person you refer and you can make N10,000 or more daily by referring.


Once you have registered and get approved, a unique affiliate link will automatically be generate for you.  From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family to maximize your earnings. You can make N5,000 or more daily by referring. You can also promote your affiliate link by sharing it to your friends on your social media platform like Facebook, twitter and Instagram.



NOTE: EarnAp income program pays without referral. Also since they pay affiliate earners first on monthly revenue generated,  it is recommended to refer more people to get paid faster.



Affiliates with referral earnings are better treated than non-referring affiliates because they are the reason for improvement in EarnAp revenue program but everyone will surely get paid.





Below are 7  ways to earn from EarnAp income program;


Active Daily Login: the system automatically credits you with N50 everyday when you login


EARNAP credit you with N100 everyday for sharing an Assigned sponsored post.



Note: it is not compulsory to share sponsored post. It depend on you, you can decide to do only referring or quiz or subscribe for Bi-monthly profile contest etc. we have multiple ways of earning, If you don’t wish to partake in sponsored post sharing, its up to you and you wont earn and be paid in it as well.



EARNAP credit you N100 for each post you submit for them to publish on the website.
N100 x 2news daily = #200
N200x30= N6000


EARNAP credit you N5 for each comment you make on post.
5 x 60per day = 300
300×30= N9000


EARNAP credit you with N5 on every article you View and comment


EARNAP credit you N1000 per person you introduce to join you on the website(referral).
N1000x1person per day for 30days = N30000

You’re free to choose from the various earning options or earn in all options and get paid with or without referral





EARNAP pays airtime of N500 to the most active member of the week on the website.


EARNAP social contest, you earn N2000 to N10000 every two weeks.

EARNAP pays  daily, weekly and Monthly. With minimum earnings of N5000.


To join EARNAP you need to pay a one time registration fee of N2,000. After that payment no other payment. You just continue to make money till Jesus come again.

Every members on EARNAP make money every second.

For every activities you do on EARNAP you get paid for it.







To register on this platform, you need to make a one time payment of N2,000, there is no other hidden charges, no upgrade, no renewal. Its only a onetime payment of N2,000, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees. Except if you want to participate in other gain-chase activities on EarnAp like Bi-monthly Profile contest which is a program on it own, though sponsored by Naija Earners Brand.


Click HERE  to register.

To use Coupon code for registration click here


You can also get registration help by chatting us through our whatsapp customercare Autochat by the right side of this page.



How do i withdraw My Earnings and when?

You can withdraw your money anyday, anytime by using the withdrawal option on your dashboard while we process your payment and revenue share is evenly distributed at the end of the month.



Click Here To Register And Start …

In EarnAp you learn :

How to make money online in Nigeria reading news

Make money online in Nigeria reading news

Get paid to read news online in Nigeria

Make money online fast with your Mobile phone

Make money referring your friends offline & online i.e Facebook, WhatsApp etc

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