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  • frequent asked questions about earnap

    frequent asked questions about earnap money making opportunity

    How Does EarnAp Work And How Do I Join ?



    Read more details about how EarnAp works and how to Join here https://www.earnap.com/how-it-works



    How Much is EarnAp Registration ?

    EarnAp registration is FREE for all. Register and be part of the family.



    How Do I Invite People To Join EarnAp fun forum ?

    After your registration, you will see your invite link on your dashboard. Copy it and start using it to invite your friends from Facebook,WhatsApp, etc. Invite whatsapp friends, facebook friends, school/campus friends, people around you. You can even do more by introducing the program to your various whatsapp/facebook groups, youth and social gather. Every 200 invite, you get 500 recharge voucher and for every 500 invite, you get 1k recharge voucher of any network of your choice.



    I Invited Someone And wasn’t Given My Referral Commission. WHY ?

    This happens whenever a person you invited to EarnAp refused to use your invitation link. It is advisable you always shorten your referral link with URL shortener on bit.ly or register the person by yourself, in that way you are sure of your commission. Secondly, you have to fulfill the minimum number (200) of invites before you can request for your voucher prizes or cash.



    I Won a Quiz, Contest, Recharge voucher. Why Have I not Received my prize up till Now ?

    All Prizes won be it cash prizes, gift prizes, Consolation prizes or recharge vouchers are sent immediately after the winners have been announced expect when there is slow  network in transaction or other stated y us for security reasons.



    Can I Change My Email Address ?

    Yes you can do that on your dashboard, under settings but it is not advisable to do that so that you don’t have any issues logging in or forgetting the current email.



    Who are Eligible members of EarnAp Revenue Program ?

    Our eligible members are those who registered properly on the platform with their details rightly stored on EarnAp data base and server.



    What Does EarnAp mean ?

    The name EarnAp is an acronym of the word “Earning App”. The name was coined from the word “Earning Application” that pays people for using its application suite and actively angaging in its activities… So anytime you hear the word EarnAp…. just remember it’s an earning app.



    Is Creation Of Multiple Accounts/Multiple Email address Allowed ?

    No ! Multiple accounts or multiple email address by one person is not allowed as this can make logging to become an issue. So a member is entitled to only one account and one email address.




    Registration is very simple and easy and can be done under 2 minutes. see steps… https://www.earnap.com/how-to-register-on-earnap/



    What is ESP ?

    ESP : stands for EarnAp Social Profits. As a registered member, EarnAp share their monthly revenue with you when you engage in EarnAp activities. ESP consists of EarnAp Social contests + Talent hunts + chatting + Daily and weekly Quiz + EarnAp challenge. All this social activities when added together, gives  you the opportunity to earn if you participate.


    What is EA ?


    2.  EA: stands for EarnAp Affiliate . As an affiliate or invite. Register and invite others to be part of EarnAp using your invite link. Invite 200 friends and get N500 recharge voucher of any network. Invite 500 friends and get N1,000 recharge voucher person. Invite 1k friends and get N1,500 recharge voucher. The more friends you invite, the more recharge voucher or cash equivalent you get. you can invite people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter and make N10,000 or more doing so.




    Immediately you win, We’ll ask for your details or You need to make a request from your dashboard and your prizes will be sent to your bank account if it’s a cash prizes. If it’s voucher, it’ll be sent to your number and if it’s gifts or consolation prizes, you can come and pick it up or have it delivered to you.



    How is EarnAp Getting The Money To Pay Members ?

    EarnAp generates its revenue through its advertising partners and EA Ad system which grant affilliate commission to the platfor


    Can I Chat On EarnAp ?



    Yes but currently, we’re working on our chat forum to for more flexibility good user experience.



    Can I follow other members and friends ?


    Yes you. an follow anyone on EarnAp and they can follow you back as well. You can as well follow any trending post or topic and get notified whenever necessary.


    Can I send Friend Request ?


    Coming soon.


    Can I reply comments ?


    Yes you can reply as many members comments as possible just like Facebook works.


    Can I share Posts, Topics or Trend ?


    Yes, it is very possible to do so.


    Can I Tag my friends on post or topics?


    Yes, you can tag anyone you wish to tag.




    Can I use Emoji in my posts, Replies & Comments ?


    Yes, Emoji can be used on EarnAp.



    Will I get Birthday Notification On EarnAp?


    Coming soon.



    Can someone Upload profile picture on EarnAp ?


    Yes, you can upload and change your profile picture any day, anytime on EarnAp as well as edit them. Same way you do on Facebook.


    Can I advertise my products & Services on EarnAp ?


    Yes you can. Co tact us to do that and our advertising team will attend to you.



    Will my Comedy, jokes, riddles, funny talks, funny questions, requests, true life stories, fictions, funny pictures, photo editings, feeling, meme etc be published on EarnAp when I post them ?



    Yes, it will be published immediately. EarnAp is home of entertainment,comedy🤡, & jokes😂🤣😂




    If I forget my password, can I reset it?



    Yes of course you can. Just click on “forget password” and follow the steps. Same way you do on Facebook.



    Can I comment on EarnAp from Facebook?



    Yes, we made it possible for anyone on Facebook to be able to post and comment on EarnAp forum as well as share from EarnAp to Facebook.


    Can I like Someone’s post & comments on EarnAp?


    Yes, you can. We already made that possible.

    Can I post free advert on EarnAp ?



    Yes, but it must be in line with our terms and conditions. We don’t promote hard drugs, cocaine, Indian hemp etc. We don’t promote illicit clips, porn etc. We also don’t promote MLM, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick schemes, unverified websites, products/businesses etc. pls note that free ad posting has limits as everyone cannot be posting at same time and will be considered as spam.



    What of If I want to run a paid adverts to promote my products,business/brand ?


    If you wish to run a targeted advertising(s) to reach thousands of Nigerias and EarnAprenuers, pls contact our advertising team on the EarnAp hotline below or visit here for more on how to place asverta and the available advertising plans.



    Does EarnAp have hotline that can be reached?


    Yes. Call or WhatsApp us on +2348125126453 or send us an email on EarnAp.com@gmail.com

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