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  • Before you fall in love or enter any relationship


    Relationship👫💑 is one thing that can mess up your life😭😰💔 be careful. Pray 🙌🙌 & be sensible😎 when falling in love💯💯. Love can turn a bright future📘📗into a miserable life🚯🚮. It’s painful💔👿 to know that the person you love😍 is actually in love😍 with someone else.

    It’s even more painful to fall in love😍😍 with a person who has another thing in mind😈. Every relationship is a game of risk😯. No one can say which is really going to work🙄. Some relationship mistakes😥can cause a life time regret😵😵.

    Search for a good heart💙💜 and not a beautiful face💆👱. Beautiful things are not always good⛔ but good things are always beautiful💯✌. Age and pressure is never a reason to date or marry👫👫. If you are single💇 sometimes means God☝☝ is putting you on reserve 👉👉for the person you deserve….

    Don’t allow the rate of marriages this days make you feel left out😪.. Not all marriages💍💏💍 are normal.❌..some are suicide mission😥🔫 while some marriages are motivated by Sexual urge and money greed. No love in it❌. Be careful who you date..the heart of a man is only known by his GOD🤔🤔🤔

    Forget face, shape, fame, qualification or money. All this things become Irrelevant in just 5years into the marriage.❌😥.

    And never you date someone you know deep down😒you cannot marry, Stop this WITCHCRAFT👹.

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